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to the anon from earlier, tumblr won’t seem to let me send you another fanmail back ;-;

So I was thinking about the meaning of Not About Angels…

…thanks to this post, and it makes me wonder if Birdy has seen this:

because I wouldn’t be surprised if the song is loosely based off of that. :P


Birdy on Sunday Brunch

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Im going to see Birdy tonight yay :) do you know what songs she's singing on the tour with Christina Perri?

No sorry! Does anyone know the set list?


Birdy on Sunday Brunch

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 Birdy’s handwriting and drawings for ‘Not About Angels

Anonymous asked: where are you from?

Philippines x

sugarrushandsneakers asked: Hi! I just want to say that I loooooove your blog. I just discovered Birdy's beautiful voice a few months ago because a friend of mine made me listen to Skinny Love and instantly, I fell in love with Birdy. Sorry, I just want to share my thoughts and my feelings about her. And then now, her song is in TFIOS, one of my favorite books and I'm sooooo happy :P Again, I just want to share my love for Birdy and for her songs and for her beautiful voice. :)

Thank you!! Don’t worry, we’re all in love with her <3