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Natara Lisbin || 15 years old || ‘Air head’ || FC: Birdy || OPEN

“I guess we’re born square and end up round. Life is beautiful  so we should live it up. There’s no time for perfection.”

Evolution: Levitation/ Flight

At the Academy since: 13


Time goes by when you live in the Big Apple for most of your life, training at their best performing art’s school. You see, Natara’s mother was a teacher there and insisted that she begin training at only 5. Natara herself was set on fulfilling her mother’s dreams and trained every spare hour she had.  After her mother’s passing, Natara trained and trained to distract her from the emotion. After hour of training she found herself leaping off of the ground, into the air. It was then that she had a panic attack. She ran up to people spreading the news of her ability, but of course no one believed her.

Her father insisted that she see a mental specialist, who taught her to relax, be happy and relieve herself from any past concerns, This being a concept that she swore to cling too for the remainder of her life.  Her psychiatrist also insisted upon Natara being transferred to the Academy.

Natara remained overly calm, unable to let her smile falter, though she is practically waiting to crack. She has an unusual eye twitch when agrovated. Her tiwch being a sighn of madness, one shouldn’t be surprised if she’s truly a flaming ball of stress and irritation.

Personality: Overly calm, emotional, excitable, loud, energetic


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Birdy - People Help the People [French Extra]

People Help The People

Anonymous asked: hahahahahaha you know nothing so fuck off

I take it this is about the whole Bon Iver/Birdy thing?

Do you really think Warner would just steal a song and make money out of it without Bon Iver/his label’s go signal?

YOU fuck off because you clearly don’t know how the industry works. I’m currently working with a music label. Plus it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Everyone knows it’s the way things work.



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Did Harry Styles try to get your number?

hahahaha no

because bon iver is still actually earning from birdy’s covers so


I love Birdy so much.